Freshers’ Week 2015

//Freshers’ Week 2015

Freshers’ Week 2015

Salaam all and welcome to Cambridge! (Please make sure you like our facebook page as

well, where you can find out more about CUISoc.) 

We are planning to hold freshers events over 2 weeks this year, just to add a bit of variety and to have a few more excuses to get together.

Don’t worry if you can’t make all the events, trust me there’s so many (if not TOO many) meetups between members of ISoc every week!

We look forward to welcoming you all in person inshallah! 🙂

Any questions feel free to drop an email to

*5th Oct*

-ISoc Bros Chill 7pm
Come to the PR and start our Fresher’s Fortnight with a bang. It’s your first opportunity to meet all the lads. Whether a returning student or a fresher, get ready to fasten your metaphorical seatbelt for an action packed October!

-ISoc Sisters’ Meal 7:30pm
Come and join us for a little get together at Pizza Express. This will kick off the Freshers’ fortnight that Cambridge Isoc will be hosting- Watch this space for more details!

*8th Oct*

-Sisters’ Squash 6:30pm
This will be your first official chance to meet us all after the fair! We’re all super excited to get to meet you and no doubt you will all provide us with the range of personalities, quirks and faces that makes ISoc the vibrant place that it is.
-Brothers’ Halal Food Crawl 7pm
Come down for the most exciting night of the week! Don’t forget to bring a notepad, you’ll need it if you’ve got any chance of remembering all the luscious locations we’ll be visiting!
*9th Oct*
-ISoc Jumu’ah 1:10pm
Our very own organised Jumu’ah! Brothers and Sisters welcome!

-Brothers’ Friday Football 10pm
Every week on Fridays in Kelsey Kerridge, dreams are made, hearts are broken. Only place to be on a Friday night.

*11 Oct*

-Sisters’ Brunch and Punting 11am
-Brothers’ Squash 7pm

*12 Oct*

-Freshers’ Academic Advice – Medicine 6pm

*13 Oct*

-Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad’s Circle 6:30pm
-Dhikr 7:30pm

*14 Oct*

-Modern Family Talk 6pm
-Brother’s Tajweed 6:30pm

*15 Oct*

-Freshers’ Academic Advice – Engineering 6pm
-Dua Kumail 8pm

*16 Oct*

-Jumu’ah 1:10pm
-Freshers’ Dinner 7:30pm
One of the most exciting events in the ISoc calender. The Freshers’ Dinner hosted every year is an opportunity to bring all Cambridge Muslims together and a chance to meet all the new Freshers as well as get to know how you can get involved with the society. FRESHERS GO FREEEEE!

*17 Oct*

-Freshers’ Academic Advice
English 2pm
Natsci 3pm
Economics 4pm

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