Charity week 2014

//Charity week 2014

Charity week 2014

Charity Week 2014 is nearly here! Check out all the great events we have lined up! Doughnut Sales! Cake Party! Fifa Tournament! Dinner! Football Tournament! So get keen, smile and prepare yourself for a week of fun, all for a really worthwhile cause.

**Doughnut Sales **

Date & Time: Monday 27th to Friday 31st, 9-5 PM.
Venue: New Museum Site and Downing Site
Sign up sheet:

Cambridge loves doughnuts and we love selling them! Break up the tedium of work with the sheer thrill that comes from the cut and thrust of mercantile life! Everyone always has a lot of fun and its a great way to reach out to lots of people. We **really, really** need your support for this, so please sign up!

**Sisters’ Cake Party**

Date & Time: Tuesday 28th October, (will be in the evening)
Venue: TBC
Event Page:

This year’s Charity Week features Cambridge’s inaugural cake party (I think…). Staying true to the event’s name, there are going to be loads and loads and loads of cakes, generously baked by the talented sisters of the iSoc and provided for from Patisserie Valerie. Great British Bake Off has got nothing on this, so if you have even the tiniest sweet tooth this event is for you! Just in case you don’t like cake, there’ll be a chocolate fountain on top and even if you hate everything about the aforementioned sugary goodness, this is the perfect event to come down to and just chill! Entry is £5!

**Bros’ Fifa Tournament**

Date & Time – Tuesday 28th October, 6-9 PM
Venue: Chadwick Room, Selwyn College
Event Page:

A lot of guys out there fancy themselves as footballing prodigies and all too often believe, rather amusingly, that they have the guile, wizardry and strength of Messi, Ibrahimovic and Yaya Toure combined. Thankfully FIFA exists, where for a fleeting moment you really can feel like one of the best. So if you feel you’ve got a modicum of talent in the world of virtual football or want to discover if you do, you have to come down to Charity Week’s first every FIFA tournament! We have PS4s lined up and projectors, so you can see your skills in all their glory. Some say there’s an amazing prize for the winner…Entry is £5!

**Charity Dinner**

Date & Time – Saturday 1st November, 6:30-9 PM
Venue: Sweet ‘n’ Spicy, Mill Road
Event Page:

Come down for a night of delicious food and even better company! This year’s charity dinner will be taking place in Sweet ‘n’ Spicy itself and you’ll have the chance to indulge in a fantastic three course meal. There’ll be a yummy platter of starters, delicious mains, wonderful desert and a chocolate fountain too. Unfortunately, tickets are limited to 70, so book asap to avoid disappointment! Tickets are £14 if you pre-book and £16 on the door if any tickets remain.

**Five Aside Football Tournament**

Date & Time – Sunday 2nd November, 9 AM – 12 PM
Venue: Chesterton Sports Centre, Gilbert Road, CB4 3NY
Event Page:

This event promises to be amazing! We want to get the whole university competing and more importantly coming together for this fantastic cause. The tournament is going to be lots of fun, so regardless of your skill, form a team or let us know that you want to compete and we’ll put you in one. Its £10 a head.

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