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Verily, the prayer keeps one from the great sins and evil deeds.

– Quran 29:45

The Heart of ISoc

The Prayer Room is aptly called the ‘heart of ISoc’ and is our main meeting place. We’re extremely lucky to have 24/7 exclusive access to the room by university card.  The upshot of this is that whether you’re looking to pray, read the Quran, study, drink one of our many varieties of tea or simply socialize you can do so round the clock.

Naturally, a core function of the Prayer Room is to hold daily congregational prayers, for both brothers and sisters. You’ll find a timetable for this on your ‘week ahead’ email, so make sure you read it!

There are two toilets and a small separate ablutions area which can be used for wudu and also a fully fledged kitchen to cater for your culinary needs.  The room is also separated by a screen to mark out the brothers and sisters area – so its open to anyone and everyone at any time.

In order to gain access by university card to the Prayer Room, you need to scan your university card against the card reader a few times and then once somebody has let you into the Prayer Room, write your name, crsid and the time you scanned your card on the whiteboard provided.


Our Location

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