SibLink is a mentoring scheme run by the ISoc that aims to establish links between the Cambridge University Muslim students and the Muslim youths (10-16 year olds) of the city of Cambridge. Running for two years now alhamdulillah, we have had over 30 ‘sibling’ pairs brought together according to their interests, aims and needs.
As the ‘Big Sib’ (if you decide to sign up and you really should!), you will be acting as a positive role model for your ‘Little Sib’ with the aim of developing your friendship by offering advice and support – be it academic, social or spiritual. SibLink also runs activities, social events and workshops alongside facilitating the pairings and these have previously included: ‘Access to Uni’ workshop, Paintballing outing and the fortnightly run SOS homework club.
How often you meet up with your sib and what you get up to is entirely up to the both of you (with the green light from the parents of course!). Activities that previous sibs have engaged in include playing sports, baking, reading, day trips out and even just attending ISoc events together. This is a chance for you to open up your world to a young spirit, to get to know them and to have a family away from home.
It is very easy for us as students to get stuck in the famous ‘Cambridge Bubble’ and to forget about everything else that exists outside of the lectures, supervisions, essays and deadlines. This is a fantastic opportunity for ISoccers to develop life-long connections with the wider community inshaAllah and to try to have an impact, no matter how small, on someone else’s life. Many sibs in the past maintain contact with their ‘Little Sib’ after they graduate and move away from Cambridge – this is something that we love to hear about and greatly encourage!
If you would like to find out more about the scheme, or to sign yourself up as a Big Sib or to get involved in any other, get in touch with Sheikh at