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On a journey, the leader of a people is their servant.

– Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

Meet the Shura Committee

Dawud Afzal
Dawud AfzalPresident
Assalaamualaikum, I’m Dawud, a medical student at Fitzwilliam College. My job is to oversee the society as a whole and deal with any external affairs. I’m also here if any of the members feel they need something from the society, support or just to have a general chat. Feel free to contact me, whatever it is that you need. My email is president@old.isoc.co.uk, or you can find me on Facebook in the link above.
Aiman Aslam
Aiman AslamVice President
Assalaamu’alaikum everyone! I’m Aiman, a 3rd year medic at Downing College and I’m really looking forward to being VP for the upcoming year insha’Allah! My job is to assist the President with the running of the society and ensure we maintain the vibrant and inclusive atmosphere of ISoc. I manage internal affairs e.g. overseeing the various subcommittees, and will be leading the Charity subcommittee particularly in organising our annual Charity Week. If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or just want a chat, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!
Omar Jamil
Omar JamilTreasurer
Assalamu ’alaikum everyone! My name’s Omar and I’m currently in my third year reading Medicine at Robinson. I am honoured to be your treasurer this year. My role is to manage the finances of the society which includes keeping accurate accounts of our income and expenditure. I also look for ways to fund the amazing events we hold throughout the year e.g. through seeking out sponsorships. With your help, I would like the ISoc to reach new heights, so please feel free to contact me regarding any questions/ideas you have via email: oj229@cam.ac.uk
Majida Begum
Majida BegumEvents Officer

I’m a 2nd year English student and your current Events officer!
I am responsible for organising events held by Isoc – this includes larger events and weekly circles. I am hoping to organise a range of events so that there is always something for everyone. Feel free to message/approach me anytime – I’m always open to suggestions/comments and here to help!

Saffia Mahmoud
Saffia MahmoudPublicity Officer
Salaam everyone, I’m Saffy and I study Russian and Arabic at Newnham. I’ll be your publicity officer for this year, so I’ll be running the social media pages and keeping you up to date with the events throughout the year insha’Allah. Feel free to message me with any suggestions / questions or if you’re just after a friendly face to chat to☺️Looking forward to the coming year, insha’Allah it’ll be a good one !!

My crsid is sssmm2 or you can find me on Facebook ✨

Yusuf Haque
Yusuf HaqueSecretary
Assalamu’alaikum everyone! I’m Yusuf, I’m a first-year Natural Scientist at Clare College and I’ll be your secretary for the coming year insha’Allah. My role is to send everyone ‘The Week Ahead’, a weekly email about what events are going on in ISoc. I’m also responsible for the outreach and activism Sub-committee.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask about ISoc, Cambridge or anything else on your mind please don’t hesitate to message me 🙂

Haneen Zeglam
Haneen ZeglamStudent Affairs Officer
Salaam everyone!
I’m Haneen, a HSPS-er at Medwards and I’m really excited to be your next SAO! My job is to help freshers settle in, organise Jummah prayers and generally look out for the welfare of ISOC students in Cambridge. I want ISOC to be a community where everyone feels welcome and supported so if you have any concerns, questions or worries please email me at haz21@cam.ac.uk or feel free to FB message me anytime!
Amir Ahmed
Amir AhmedEx-officio
Assalamu’alaikum everyone! I’m Amir, a medic at Downing and this year’s Ex-Officio. The role is basically someone from last year’s committee who hangs around to help out. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a message at aa951@cam.ac.uk 🙂