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University can be a daunting prospect and for a Muslim student an especially tricky period. Fresher’s week, in particular, can prove to be a quantity of unknowns and a difficult time as students try to involve themselves in college life whilst staying true to their own religious and personal beliefs.

To help Muslim students settle in as quickly as possible we’ve organised a system of college representatives to aid your integration and help you to adapt to your new academic and social surroundings. They’ll let you know about the ISoc events going on during the week, give you your week 5 welfare packs (to help you along with week 5 blues) and of course just be there as a friendly fellow Muslim face for you in your own college! The ability to speak to someone who has been through the same experiences can be extremely heartening and the prospect of an approachable face – speaking from personal experience – is reassuring.

If you can’t see a rep for your college, don’t worry! Please contact (Eman – our SAO) and we should be able to get a rep from a nearby college, or a member of shura, to act as your rep.

If you have any questions about cambridge please do get in contact with your college rep via email (their

College Male Rep Female Rep
Caius Omar Uwais – ou211 Rabeka Zafar – rz278
Christ’s Arqum Anwar – aa888 Aleena Haider – sah99
Churchill Abu Bakr Moallim – am2391 Nilufa Ahmed – na429
Clare Jahan Ahmed – ja593 Taqwa Sadiq – ts645
Clare Hall Arsalan Harris* – aah36 Maaha Elahi* – mne20
Corpus Christi Abdulla Zaman* – aqmsz2 Eman Butt – eb597
Darwin Muntasir Abdelaziz* – mmma2,
Farhaan Khan* – fak29,
Akmal Ali* – aa784
Hera Asad* – ha358
Downing Irfan Allana – mia38 Zareen Bhatti* – zb247
Emmanuel Osaid Ather* – oa260 Nabila Rehnnuma* – nr408
Fitzwilliam Shahel Khan – sk816 Sabina Begum – sb2099
Girton Zain Charfare – zc275 Nilufa Ahmed – na429
Homerton Adil Patwary – aap47 Zareen Bhatti – zb247
Hughes Hall Zayd Eyre* – zjh26 Elhan Ali* – ea427
Jesus Ali Alam – ama68 Zareen Bhatti* – zb247
Kings Abdulla Zaman – aqmsz2 Taskeen Adam – ta362
Lucy Cavendish Hamizah H Haidi – hh419
Magdalene Ryan Riordan – rr507 Sujina Khatun – sk858
Murray Edwards Aya Helmy – aah3
Newnham Hera Asad – ha358
Pembroke Burhan Ashraf – ba336 Elhan Ali* – ea427
Peterhouse Muhammad Faiz Taufiq – mft29 Fare Ahmed – fa343
Queens Haroon Ahmed – hkaa2 Elhan Ali* – ea427
Robinson Faruq Quadir – faq20 Luma Khasati – lk375
Selwyn Muntasir Abdelaziz – mmma2,
Farhaan Khan – fak29,
Akmal Ali – aa784
Hera Asad* – ha358
Sidney Sussex Yusuf Mushtaq* – ym312 Tara Alia Khalid – tak33
St. Catherine’s Haroon Ahmed* – hm515 Elhan Ali* – ea427
St. Edmund’s Zayd Eyre* – zjh26 Nilufa Ahmed* – na429
St. John’s Isaac Haq – ih293Adil Girach – aag47 Maaha Elahi – mne20
Trinity Arsalan Harris – aaah36 Rebeka Zafar – rz278
Trinity Hall Abdul Rahman Al-Mohammed – aa587 Rebeka Zafar* – rz278
Wolfson Haroon Yusuf – hmy26 Nilufa Ahmed* – na429


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* indicates that the college rep is an ISoc member from another college that is close by (but you’ll still be just as loved don’t worry!)