Welcome to ISoc: A Home for Muslims at Cambridge University

ISoc was created to serve the social, spiritual and academic needs of Muslim students, and, most importantly, to foster feelings of brotherhood and sisterhood amongst each other. The result is a vibrant and inclusive society which is based on our mutual beliefs and strengthened by our friendship. Absolutely everyone is welcome, whether you’re Muslim, interested in Islam or simply looking for a friendly face!

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New Fresher

If you’re starting at Cambridge in October, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ve got a great community of guys and girls who’d be happy to help you move in, answer any questions you might have, and invite you to the myriad halal dinners and social events that we put on.

If you’re interested, we can also add you to our mass WhatsApp group – generally, whenever any of us make plans to hang out at someone’s college, chill in the prayer room, or visit a restaurant, we change the title of the group to reflect the activity (eg: “GBK 8pm, everyone come”). This open-invite system means you can be as little or as greatly involved as you like – no strings, no pressure, just a fun, inclusive community.

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Recent events

Here are some of our latest events. This is by no means an exhaustive list – we actually have 2-3 events per week, but we’re really bad at updating this website on time. Probably something to do with how hectic Cambridge life is.

If you’re interested in keeping up-to-date with what’s on, please do Like our Facebook page, and join our mailing list. Most of our stuff is advertised through those two avenues.

ISoc Instagram!

Gotta keep up! We use Instagram to keep everyone updated with events and general goings on within the society as well as the odd reminder. Also, one hadith is posted per day on the story.

Follow us: cu_isoc (don’t worry, we won’t follow you back)

Ask a Question

“Ask a Question” is a new initiative by the ISoc Welfare team. If you’ve got a question about Islam, life, or anything else, please feel free to ask it using our question form. Your message will be sent to the person you choose – a Sheikh who can answer Islam-related questions, or one of the anonymous welfare contacts (students with a bit of Cambridge experience). No one outside the welfare team knows who these students are, and their identity will remain strictly anonymous. The person will reply to you privately, and the contents of your message will remain strictly between the two of you.

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Because we’re really hip and cool, we recently set up an official Instagram account! Here are some of our latest photos. Please follow us for updates!